Chefs Club, NY is one of the leading restaurants in New York City. With its unique concept of inviting the best chefs from all over the world to perform at Chefs Club for a week, it is always a new adventure to eat here. Needless to say, I am super thrilled to have the opportunity to show my art here as an artist in residence.  On Sept 20th I had my reception and it was just beyond my imagination.  An evening filled with art, wonderful talks, smiles, laughs and happiness. What a location to have an exhibit opening! Not the usual plastic cup and cheap wine, rather best french champaign with oysters and other excellent little bites. Stephane and his whole crew were absolutely fantastic and spoiled everyone who came to see my large format photographs. Even an extra menu was created for this evening ( see below ).

I selected four motifs of my series 'The Barracuda Driver'. These are a painting like photographs created with multiple exposures on 4x5 large format reversal film. The photographs are printed on Kodak paper and mounted behind acrylic glass to float on the walls. All photographs are limited editions and come in different sizes.

Manhattan Bridge  |  multiple exposure on 4x5 reversal film 48x72

Brooklyn Navy Yard Cranes    |  multiple exposure on 4x5 reversal film  38x58

Grand Canyon with Cloud   |  multiple exposure on 4x5 reversal film 40x53

Manhattan From Pier One    |  multiple exposure on 4x5 reversal film  38x50

The menu at Chefs Club, specially curated for this evening.