We were looking for just the right art for our public spaces at 185 Plymouth/NY and found them with Poby’s ethereal photos of the Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Navy Yard. Both the multiple exposure and scale of these photographs draws you in and connects you to the industrial history of the Brooklyn waterfront. They remind me of why I fell in love with Brooklyn 20 years ago.
— Jared Della Valle, architect, developer, art collector, NYC


A series of 4x5 large format, analog photographs. All photographs are taken with a 1960s 4x5 large format Linhof camera while on the road across the USA in a 1965 Plymouth Barracuda classic sports car. Multiple exposures on slide film are creating this painting like look. Gallery mounted behind plexiglass, floating on the wall. Please check my DETAILS section for close up details of these photographs.

manhattan bridge

train out west

brooklyn navy yard cranes

castle Neuschwanstein, Germany

petey's repair shop

1965 Barracuda with four palm trees

sheep on open field

vicksburg road crossing. arizona

vicksburg road crossing. arizona

brooklyn bridge by night no 02

venice beach 01

plane 01

brooklyn navy yard dry dock

venice beach 04

venice beach parking

lake havasu

lake havasu

grand canyon with cloud

manhattan from pier one

road in new mexico


free under water

bubble goddess  01

into the light

under water dance


under water ballet


victoria floating

under water goddess

floating up 

kissing the surface

dive in and under

dive in


A series of three oil paintings on loose canvas. It is all about the moment between pain and lust. It is up to the viewer which direction it will go. A hidden secret. A forbidden look. A window may be ? Watching others in the most intimate moment. Truly New York. 

lust no. 1        oil on loose canvas 56x56 inch

lust no 3        oil on loose canvas 54x 56 inch 

lust no. 2        oil on loose canvas 56x56 inch           SOLD !

Rain Forest

In support for the Foundation of Native Indians of Ecuador I lived with the Chuars and Achuars tribes, formerly know as the shrink head tribes. All photographs are taken with a Pentax 6x7 camera on Kodak Tri-X film. I am so grateful  that I was deeply embraced by these wonderful people who shared their life with me.

chief  elias

river swing

brothers on the river

jungle umbrella


in the boat

boat race

preparing to hunt