Life is all about emotions. What we feel, how we feel and when we feel.
I want people to have a beautiful, emotional feeling when looking at my photographs and paintings.

The POBY Collection is an exclusive selection of limited edition photographs as well as paintings. I put my love into curating my work to ensure my artwork will be the centerpiece you are looking for. Whether they are intended for residential or commercial spaces, I love to help you find the right piece. A photographer and painter for over 3 decades, I want you to love your chosen POBY Collection centerpiece as much as I loved creating it. 

Please contact me for prices and sizes 

Phone +1.646.283.1212


Enjoy the process of finding the right piece for your space.


My commercial website

Examples of center pieces on location.

The examples of large format prints below are printed on exclusive Kodak paper and mounted behind acrylic glass. A hidden gallery mount makes these pieces feel like floating on the wall. Pleasecontact us for custom sizes or any other questions.

185 Plymouth Street , Brooklyn, New York, USA

Residential. New York / USA

Soccer History Collage, RSE Sports Marketing Company, New York

Residential. New York / USA

Chefs Club, New York, USA

Chefs Club, New York,USA

Private Building, Brooklyn , New York, USA

Hospital reception desk . Nurnberg / Germany

Chefs Club, New York

Chefs Club, New York,USA

RSE Sports Marketing Office, New York,USA

RSE. Sports Marketing Office. New York / USA

Close ups of analog large format landscape photographs showing multi exposure technique. This technique unfolds beautifully, almost painting like, when printed 40x40 inch or larger . The images shown below are small detail parts of the large photographs.